Bringing Out The Beauty Of God's Creation Through Woodworking

It is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in everything we do. Woodworking is a beautiful avenue we have found to proclaim His glory. We pray that we will share God’s saving grace, love, and compassion through our furniture.

Rustic Furniture

Full Of History

Everyday the sun rises and falls and brings new challenges and successes to a persons life. On a daily basis, I have the opportunity to reminisce about memories made with grandpa on the farm while working in the same woodworking shop grandpa built. Stories, laughter, coffee, fresh veggies, hard work, and more coffee strike the fondest memories with grandpa, a true woodworking artist.


Commission your own rustic furniture piece.






Cotton Wood

Popular Wood


  • Walnut
  • Cedar
  • Cotton Wood


Furniture Choices

  • Dining Room Table
  • Fire Place Mantles
  • End Tables

Dining Room Tables


Fire Place Mantles


End Tables

Your Furniture

Delivered By Us

Because of the complexity of the pieces and our attention to care and detail, it is our pleasure to deliver the furniture directly from our hands into yours.

Our Customer


“I ordered a table and two chairs for my office from Aaron this past year.  When he hand delivered them, I was pleased with the quality, and the artistic approach he used when designing the furniture!  Exceptional!  It is something I cherish and enjoy in my office each day…. “


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  • Delivered some amazing cottonwood furniture today to great clients in Ceresco Nebraska!!! #Jeremiah29:11 #oxbowsrusticfurniture #customefurniture #cottonwood #diningtable
  • One of the reasons I love my career!!! Been working with Craig and his wife for over a year now making custom pieces of furniture for them. Craig brought us cottonwood logs that his great great grandfather planted many years ago. A year later their families first round of custom projects are complete! #Jeremiah29:11 #oxbowsrusticfurniture #cottonwood #customefurniture
  • All set up and ready for our show in Omaha!!! Furniture is looking great. Tomorrow we will be setting up in Lincoln. Come join us all weekend at the CenturyLink in Omaha or the Lancaster Event Center in lincoln. #Jeremiah29:11 #oxbowsrusticfurniture #showseasonallthetime
  • Gonna be another late night Workshop. Getting ready for show in Lincoln and Omaha this weekend!! #Jeremiah29:11 #oxbowsrusticfurniture #woodworking #shoplife
  • Photo of how the slabs look before the process begins on our cottonwood end tables. #Jeremiah29:11 #oxbowsrusticfurniture #cottonwood #woodworking
  • 125 year old lumber...brought to me from a great family from Hartington NE. They found this lumber in the barn loft and met us at an art show in Yankton South Dakota! It's 60 inches full of history and stories. Custom glass top and incredible steel work from Unlimited Welding in Stromsburg. One of my favorite projects to date. #Jeremiah29:11 #oxbowsrusticfurniture #woodworking


Built For Generations

Every piece of furniture has a unique story. The pieces of lumber that make all our pieces are full of history. Whether found in the Loup River, at OxBow’s along the Oregon trail, or on the bluffs overlooking a Nebraska prairie, we can guarantee quality, passion, and uniqueness in every piece. If trees could talk, we could experience the most magnificent history lessons or stories imaginable. Ox-Bows Rustic Furniture makes these stories a part of your home.

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