Brianna Rerucha

Being the youngest of 5 siblings, I learned the love of music at a young age. My parents, Fredrick and Rebecca Ritter of Columbus, NE, raised us in the Lord the best way they knew how. Worshiping him in song was a frequent affair at the Ritter household, as well as singing in church and school. With my father as the music teacher at Columbus High School for 26 years, many of us chose paths in music. Following my passions, I graduated in 2015 from Concordia University Nebraska with a degree Music Education.

Aaron and I got married during our journey in college at age 20. Even though it was difficult at times, as we lived on campus as I fulfilled my position as Resident Coordinator, marrying him has been the biggest blessing of my life. We moved to the farm, OxBow, in Bellwood as soon as we got the chance. His grandfather Gerald built the house in which we currently live in 1988 originally as his art studio called, “The Cottonwood Shop,” made entirely out of cottonwood trees – the main tree found on the land. It became a home to Aaron’s parents when they moved in to the shop in 1991. They lived there for a short time, and when we were interested in moving in in 2014, despite it’s beauty, it had been left vacant, and there was much work to be done.

Aaron started right away redoing the walls, windows, kitchen and landscape as family and friends helped us clean up. It was not a simple process, but the experiences and wisdom we have taken from it are priceless. I never expected to be a farm wife with chickens, geese, peacocks, pheasants, 2 cats, a Corgi named Moses, and a house made of wood, but now that I am, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I never could have planned the blessings God had in store for me or painted a picture quite like the one that is my life. I will never deserve the mercy and grace that he constantly pours out on us, but I will continue to receive it wholeheartedly through the blood of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, who died and rose again for you and me.

Aaron Rerucha

I was born in Lincoln Nebraska to Steve and Lyne’ Rerucha. Faith, family, and hard work have always been 3 priorities my folks instilled in me. I love them dearly and cannot thank them enough for all their prayers and everything they have taught me over the years.

I graduated high school in 2011 with a burning passion in my heart for plants, wood, and God’s creation. I attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln pursuing a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design. Upon completion of my sophomore year, at age 20 I married my beautiful wife Brianna of Columbus, Nebraska. I continued my education and finished my degree, while also picking up a minor in Entrepreneurship and graduating in 2015. During college I started a landscaping company focusing on native plants of Nebraska. I soon realized during the cold winter months in Nebraska: it’s a little hard to landscape. As my wife and I needed another way to earn some money, I started doing small woodworking jobs consisting of small coffee tables and end tables. I fell in love with every fine detail of wood.

My knowledge in the woodworking sector was minimal. I studied YouTube videos; read books, obtained advice from other woodworkers across the state, and discovered what style of woodworking suited me best.  Soon I realized I wanted to pursue woodworking for a living. With time, dedication, hard work, passion, and trust in my Savior Jesus Christ, I have started a small Rustic Woodworking company out of my grandfather’s shop at OxBow Pioneer Memorial Park. Honestly, I use some of the same tools grandpa used 30 years ago when he created his masterpieces. I believe this will someday turn into a generational business and am excited to see where God takes us.

I love working with God’s creation every day. Every piece of wood grain has a unique style within, color, and character. I understand my purpose is to not change what God has created in the palm of his hand from the beginning of time, but to enhance and bring out the beauty most people look past. I dream of someday sipping on dark black coffee with grandpa and Jesus in heaven working with the most beautiful wood imaginable and creating masterpieces with the best Artist ever.

Spreading God’s Word

Not only do we hope our customers encounter God through the appearance of the furniture, we also hand engrave Bible verses into many of our pieces. We know that the words contained in these passages will last in homes far longer than our furniture ever could.
“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” Isaiah 40:8