How well does the hand rubbed oil finish hold up?

Better than any finish on the market. It’s more scratch resistant, stain resistant, and if repair work is needed, the process can be done with relative ease. Our furniture finish has stood the test of time in high traffic bar areas, wet sink areas, and heavy child use.

What do I do if a scratch or water ring does happen?

First, do not panic. With your furniture purchase comes a “How to guide” on what you need to do if one of these things occurs. This guide will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to fix the problem. It’s much easier than a person thinks and takes little to no effort. If all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out at 402-367-9577 or

How often do I need to maintain my furniture?

3-4 times a year is ideal. A recoating of our maintenance oil that you can purchase through us and is provided with your furniture purchase should be applied in the fall leading up to winter, mid-winter, and then late winter. The fourth coat can be applied anytime from April to August. Be sure to maintain all surfaces of the furniture at least 2 times a year so you do not get uneven coats on the top and bottom. If too much is applied to one side or the other cracking, warping, twisting, and unwanted movement can happen with your furniture.

How do I maintain my furniture?

The materials needed will be an old T-shirt that will no longer be worn and our maintenance oil.

  • Apply the oil to the surface of the furniture
  • With an old clean rag rub in the oil on all surfaces of the table evenly. Be sure to use good pressure.
  • Let the oil sit on the furniture surface/surfaces for 30 minutes. Then wipe off the excess with a separate old rag. Be sure the surface is evenly wiped clean otherwise a blotchy appearance will occur.
Why use a hand rubbed oil finish vs varnish or lacquer?

First off, the overall look of the oil finish is very warm, inviting, and begs to be touched. Inversely, a varnish or lacquer often has a plastic or foe looking appearance or feel to the furniture. At Oxbows Furniture we pride ourselves on our furniture looking beautiful, gorgeous, warm, and inspiring verse cool, plastic, fake, rustic. There is a big difference.

The other reason is because if a scratch happens and there needs to be repair work; the oil finish allows for spot repair verse if a deep scratch happens in lacquer or varnish and you need repair; it requires an entire stripping, re-sanding, and then re-finishing. The latter being much more expensive and time-consuming.

What does this furniture cost?

There is an astronomical difference in price with all our furniture. Price fluctuations are determined by many factors. These factors include wood species, size, style, base material and style, accents, handles, time frame, market price, etc. However, before ever ordering furniture you will be given an accurate quote then never is changed unless you add to the project yourself, resulting obviously is a change in price.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we will deliver all our furniture and set it up in your home for you. When you order furniture from Oxbows, we control the process from start to finish. The delivery fee is worked into the quote when you order your furniture.

Do you ship?

Yes, depending on the project. There is an additional fee after your item ships. Honestly, it’s cheaper and easier to have us deliver even if it’s several states away.